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Five things I have learnt from online dating

Things are starting to become stale. That is not to mean that I am not prepared to put the efforts finding the one. I have discovered some things through online dating that I’d really enjoy sharing with you.

Five things I have learnt from online dating

  • Women rarely contact men on the online dating websites. This is mostly due to the fact that women receive more messages than men which offer them with a lot of options. This indicates that women tend to have a hard time to respond to which probably explains why they rarely contact men. They also probably feel insecure since they are not aware if the man from the site that they wish to have a date with, is currently dating or communicating with another woman on the same online dating website. However, when they finally decide to contact someone on the site and that man decides to follow through, then he has certainly acquired a date with that particular woman.
  • When the woman decides to contact, she won’t like slow movement or indecisiveness. You will most likely lose that opportunity if you decide to move slowly. One should always bear in mind the fact that women on the dating sites have many alternatives.
  • Women on the dating websites have options since the get a t leas 2 or 3 times amount of messages as compared to men. This is also one of the factors that is resulting to most women having much success in online dating as compared to men since they have many options.
  • You may realize that you will not always be attracting the kind of person that you admire or you thought you’d. People theoretically assume that it’s easy to establish a relationship with the suitable match via the internet since you will come across are all interested, although this is not always the case. Practically, mutual attraction isn’t enough unless you both happen to want similar type of relationship or friendship at that particular time.
  • With the free websites, they ultimately end up directing to that old saying that states you’ll get what you’ll pay for. However, this is not to mean that you cannot find someone on these dating sites. I’ve a certain colleague that met his wife on a certain dating website. I am not saying that finding the suitable match is very hard.


Since have spent about three to four months using the free online dating sites, I think it is about time that I try out a paid online dating website. I do not appear to be getting much luck by using theses free websites. However, I still believe think that it is still possible, since I had one date. Additionally, I have also received some contacts of women through these dating sites and I am being told that I am doing well. When I feel like I have no interest in a particular woman I meet on these sites, I act slowly, although women anticipate this and ultimately opt to move on.

Generally, things seem to be going well, although not as good as I thought they would. I have ultimately come to a decision of moving to try a paid dating website and see the turn I will take from there. Despite the fact that it appears as if I haven’t been very successful, I have undergone learning experiences, which is just fine to me.

Stay alert and I will inform you what will happen once I join a paid dating website.

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