Useful Info and Dating Hints

Rules of online dating you’ll need to know

Unless you are working in a field that is totally male environment like in the beef and ale house or an urologist’s office, your quest of meeting a partner will direct you towards the internet. Luckily, you will be able to successively be able to interact with many potential partners online, all with the same motive as your; to get a date. However, you should be willing to spend many hours to learn how you can separate individuals with the good intentions from those who will only waste your energy and time. In this article, we will have a look at some of the don’ts and dos when it comes to online dating.

What can you do?

  • Be honest in your profile

    You should post a photo that was recently taken and include a brief honest description about yourself. A certain guy friend of mine was disappointed by a photo of a blonde and gorgeous model that was placed in a profile of a particular lady on the dating site. With expectations of meeting the same person as in the photo, he was astonished to meet with a completely different person to such an extent that he called off the date. Basically, people are delighted and relieved to meet person that are similar to the pictures on their dating profiles.

  • Learn the dating lingo

    You should try to learn the language of the profiles in the dating sites. For instance, a person that describes themselves as ‘cuddly’ can be translated to chubby and many others.

  • Move the conversation to your cell phone

    You should move your conversation for the email to your phone. Some individuals are amazing writers while utilize their friends to ghost write for them on the dating sites. However, by chatting through the phone, you will be able to understand if their personalities are compatible with yours or even discover if they have any personality at all.

  • You should move the relationship slowly

    Do try to take things slowly in online dating although sometimes the chemistry turns out being magnetic. If you eventually decide to meet that individual in person, ensure that you meet them in a very open area at least for the initial few dates so that you can get the chance of knowing them better. Taking things slow includes not inviting them to your place until you can completely trust them.

What should you not do?

  • Do not naively make an assumption that the other person’s profile picture is as recent and updated as yours. You may be shocked when you meet that individual in person especially with advancement of various tools like Photoshop.
  • Do not be lured by overused and corny pick up lines. You should also beware of strangers that seem perfect since they only have a single intention/ thing in their minds.
  • Do not disclose your place of residence or other personal details that may direct them towards your address to a person you just met through the online dating sites. Although most people using the online dating sites are normal people like you, you do not want to take the chances of running into other people who may have weird personalities.
  • Do not select your dates on the online dating sites based on the pictures on their profile. It is extremely easy to go through the profiles choosing only those individuals that you personally consider physically attractive while bypassing all the other profiles. You should bear in mind that personalities of people go beyond their physical appearance.
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